The Pennsylvania Academic Review review/comment period for Pennsylvania’s Eligible Content concluded on January 15, 2015. Summary reports of all feedback on Eligible Content for Mathematics and English Language Arts are now available.
All comments received for each content area are included in the summary reports and are categorized as follows:
  • Feedback on statements that should be broken up into several, more specific statements.
  • Feedback on statements that should be in a different grade level.
  • Feedback on statements that should be rewritten.
  • Feedback on statements that should be deleted.
A summary report of the demographics of respondents is also available below.
Click on the report(s) you wish to review:
Comments provided about specific Eligible Content statements will be evaluated by a team of Pennsylvania educators from all levels specializing in the respective content areas. The Secretary will share findings, feedback, and recommendations with the State Board. The State Board will then convene hearings for public comment before it takes any action.
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Pennsylvania Department of Education
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